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Ifni, Ifni

The 17 HIPPIES are back! They are no hippies, they are rarely 17 (between 13 and 20 musicians depending on the gig), their musical background ranges from rock-pop to classical and jazz, they sing and play accordion, trombone, trumpet, violin, cello, clarinet, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, guitar and double bass. Their style is a quintessence of many genres: Bavarian zwiefacher, Russian songs, Polish waltzes, Swiss zweutletscht, Jewish freylaks, Anglo American popsongs, Corsican dances, Scottish flings, Bulgarian oros, French chansons, Hungarian melodies, Latin-American tunes, North American ragtimes and many more. Recorded in studio, “IFNI IFNI” features songs in German, French and English, and instrumentals from the world over awa two bonus tracks: a remix of IFNI and a videoclip of their French hit song “Marlene” from the preceding CD “Sirba”