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Zanzibara lyrics

Zanzibara lyrics

Published on 18-09-2020

(Shakila & Black Star Musical Club)
There is a smile in the eye, yet the heart is in torment
When I remember the one who makes me feel contented
A tear drops from my eye, because of your behaviour
Stop to poke fun at me, listen to me my love
My heart is on fire, to tell you the truth
You put me in a dilemma because of your behavior
I feel tortured, I cannot but cry
The days will come, when things will turn against you
Confused about what you have made publicly known
(Matano Juma & Morning Star)
Listen to me young lady, let me tell you the truth
If only I could present to you all that I feel inside
I do love you without doubt, there is no one to match
You come to me even in my dreams
The joints that are the core of your body
The sky-blue color of your eyes
I don’t drink, don’t eat, I don’t crave anything
The value of a sapphire is surpassed by my prized love
Which inside here I don’t get because of the longing of the heart
(Zuhura & Party)
My heart reward yourself, settle down, don’t just chase what you desire
My heart don’t play tricks to yourself, listen to what I have to tell you
My heart don’t vex yourself with something that is not worth craving for
My heart, I warn you, don’t become infatuated
Especially with the way people are now, they will take advantage
They are not honest at all, just deceive you this or that way
My heart be careful, don’t just love because you want to
They will just behave rudely, you’ll feel like a donkey
In the end it will affect you, you won’t even know what to do
My heart don’t just follow the eye, the eye does not think
It will burden you, and cause you to be embarrassed
In the end you will regret, and this will be your loss
Don’t be amazed, amazed at all,  this is just how passion is
Don’t be amazed, amazed at all,  this is just how passion is
(Zein Musical Party)
Help me my darling, love has overwhelmed me
I cannot endure it alone, please accept me
I cannot endure it alone, please accept me
Do not be remiss for love has freed me
Put aside all restraint, to accept my love
Let me clothe you with the best ornament in this world
You are the one that understands me let me love you with a purpose
I will not change my stance towards you, I am making a promise to you
Why don’t you reveal yourself, showing mercy to me your companion
(Malika & Party)
If you don’t tell me, I will not know the fault I have comitted
My effort now is to ‘know’
Teacher, help me with the lesson
The first lesson, I want to learn to read
On the page to write, test me
If I do make mistakes, tell me to stop
If I commit a mistake, teacher you will know
I am with you, craving for knowledge
If I get mine, I will never hold you responsible for anything
I will never blame you, I am prepared for fairness
To be my teacher, I have approved you
Finally to graduate in understanding of the Quran
Hoya hee, nothing is in vain!
(Ali Mkali & Sta Mvita)
Why did you get angry when I mentioned the gravy
The cook loosing his temper, the sauce has no taste at all
Even if you work yourself up, the sauce has turned sour
I tell you I am not satisfied, I am sending you back to the kitchen
Why is it, that some people just don’t know how to cook?
If you don’t want [to accept your fault], you are mistaken
Sorry, sorry, sorry
I do say sorry, chef
go back to the kitchen!
(Zuhura & Morning Star)
You! Janatu Naimu, my love of past days
Just act honorably, listen to what I have to say:
I have understood well, if I die you won’t even cry for me
My generous friend, you are causing me much anguish
Nor do I blame you, to reject me
I have understood well, if I die you won’t even cry for me
I do no enjoy any food when I remember what we shared in common
It is like poison has been put into my stomach
I have understood well, if I die you won’t even cry for me
I am very much confused by the way you treat me
It is better I take poison to reject this world
I have understood well, if I die you won’t even cry for me
Note:  Jannat an-Naeem, “garden of delight” [one of the stages of paradise in Islamic theology]
(Matano Juma & Morning Star)
Sadness does not hide itself inside the heart
There is so much love that I feel
It is with the contemplation of an adage that I say what I crave for
And the starkness of the expression is hard to estimate
To accomplish something many times, if I be granted
To estimate the sadness and to assess its blessings
A human being will cry with lots of noise and confusion
The wavering does not stop, apparent in your countenance
It makes itself known in rumors, causing a buzz that is not right
(Shakila & Lucky Star Musical Club)
The love has diminished, I have already realized this
Whenever I look at it, it does not stop to torment me
It is better for me to love less, as I don’t need you any more
Rather than loving [you], as we used to love each other
There is now pressure and no more laughing together
You have changed your ways, it is better for us to separate
In this world there are many, and lovers of different kinds
Don’t think you are the only one, beauty will come to pass
I don’t have a use anymore for your love, this world is large
(Zein Musical Party)
Love of my heart, don’t leave me asking for mercy
I will be comforted if you would answer my prayer
I cannot avoid to, it is vital to tell you
My love, I am giving you all that I feel inside
You’ve entered my heart a long time ago
Be my love, I don’t see anyone who resembles you
Do not underestimate the value of my love
For me, there is no one who resembles you
I ask you to have confidence in my love
(Zuhura & Party)
One does not undress the one who is clothed in modesty
One does not wipe the forehead of one who is anointed
One does not drive away the one who has been placed well in the reception room
Your evil eye and dislike will not cause what cannot be
Know it is not wiped out what has been written with light
Matters that are a grace of God cannot be taken away
In vain you will try to take something away that has been bestowed by the Almighty
If you follow such a person you will just tire, what has been given cannot be taken away
You don’t just get what you want, the given is a grace of God
(Mwanahela & Golden Star)
I am an experienced captain, knowing much about the sea
In the times of the north monsoon, I was steering the boat
Whenever arriving at a turn, I saw the boat going astride
With determination I put myself to the task of redressing the route
And many ideas I have tried, so that we may be safe
But the boat will get the better of me, whenever I look at it
I want to tell you the truth, you who are to the side please move
cautiously where you are, look at the boat’s behavior
The boat will go down, in the middle of the passage
Let me tell you my companions this boat is going astray
You travellers be aware, the boat is going to sink
(Mohamed Mrisho & Black Star Musical Club)
There is no medicine to heal the ear, we have tried them all
The patient is still unwell, the illness posing many troubles
There has been no improvement, and all the money we spent in vain
The patient is crying, there have been many consolations
We have used native medicines, still the ear is giving us much trouble
What medicine should we use, I ask you my brothers
Our best wishes to the patient
A really bad illnes, how will the ear be able to become well again?
(Malika & Party)
I have come across something amazing in the middle of the ocean
There has been a pushing and pulling, and I am in the ship
The captains are at war, they are fighting for the steering wheel
They show all their might, the fighting captains
Their compass is broken, and they don’t see the way to go
But with obstinacy they are fighting for the wheel
They have girded up their clothes, they are pulling each other
The steering wheel has turned loose, and they have already cut the sail
Still they are fighting, not wanting to let go
The captains are bragging about their fighting on the high sea
The way they are fighting over directions, the waves swaying the boat
In the direction the boat is going it is going to hit the reef
I am leaving the sea, I am not capable any more to stand their fighting
And whenever I think about it, I see how things will end
It will be that the nails will be far from the planks
What kind of an amazing thing is emerging in this world
On the high sea, the captains are fighting for the steering wheel

translated from Swahili by Werner Graebner
Written by