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The healing

By bcuc
This tsunami of sound and soul from Soweto has blown the mind of everyone who has heard it since 2016. In less than three years, Bantu Continued Uhuru Consciousness — a polyglot term that hints at what this group, this group that moves as one, is all about — has made its mark on concert stages in France, then in Europe, and now on the other side of the Atlantic, with a formula that contradicts all the predictions of the music world. To succeed, supposedly, they should have recorded albums to formula, in song format. They did the exact opposite, producing vinyl UFOs on both sides of which they developed themes at length, with no concern for timing. The only thing that counted was the ebb and flow of the music, no matter that this pleasure had to pass through miles of sounds loaded with good vibrations. This fantastic, unrestricted sensory overload is the price the listener pays to approach the state of trance seen in the euphoric and redeeming experience of live performance.