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Siniya Na Kònò

In 1989, the dancer Anne-Frane Brunet and the musician Vincent Zanetti presented their first duet show. Both hailing from Switzerland and marked by their encounter with African, they created Djinn Djow, a cross-cultural music and dance company. After a number of shows and tours, their horizon widened expanded as they joined the band of the djembe master Soungalo Coulibaly. They worked with him until his untimely death to cancer in March 2004, and “ever since that day, each note and each dance step has remained marked with his presence.” From Switzerland to Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and guinea, Djinn Djow has championed métissage (cross-culture) as a principle of artistic creation implying determination, perseverance and work, along with open-mindedness, exchange and sympathy (in the literal sense of vibrating together). This album presents a repertoire related to the brotherhood of hunters, illustrated by the griot Sidikiba Coulibaly. A European tour is in preparation.