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Blue Tsapiky

By teta
Teta hails from the village of Ampanihy, which is located on the long track connecting Tulear and Fort Dauphin, right in the centre of  the Great South region of Madagascar. Born in 1967, he grew up immersed in Taspiky, the traditional local music style. He first travelled throughout the neighbouring provinces with his father and brother as they performed at  celebrations, “bals poussière” (lit. dust dances) and traditional ceremonies. Teta’s first instrument was the mandolin, but at the age of eight he chose the guitar. He was soon spotted for his talent and nicknamed “the nimble-fingered” guitarist. Indeed, his fingers dance on the neck of his guitar with amazing agility, fetching unexpected harmonic tones and typical rhythmic patterns. Teta has remained faithful to his origins and to the fast, bewitching 6/8 tsapiky rhythm that accompanies all festive events as well as trance ceremonies. He has regularly been featured alongside artists of various musical backgrounds, and he especially enjoys jaunting into the worlds of blues and jazz music while retaining his specificity. Teta makes music in the fashion of Malagasy storytellers, putting forward an idea, asking question and raising the issues and concerns of the Great Island’s inhabitants. “Blue Tsapiky” is Teta’s second album for Buda Music, following “Fototse”, which attracted a lot of attention.