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By bcuc
After a year of intensive touring in Europe in 2017, the group from Soweto is back with a second album. EMAKHOSINI is as stunning as their first album, OUR TRUTH, released in 2016 to accolades in the French media. As on their first disc, the band offers two long pieces of funky tribal trance, MOYA and INSIMBI, that by their intensity evoke the Afro-beat of Fela even though they were not inspired by it. Because the music of Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness (which can be translated as “Man on the move towards his freedom of conscience”) draws on the South African cultural roots of the group’s members — Zulu, Sotho, Shangaan — to invent a contemporary electric version of their musical traditions. On these ancestral rhythms and spiritual songs, BCUC builds a music tinged with soul, rap, and a driving by a punk energy.

EMAKHOSINI closes with their adaptation of the Afro-American gospel Nobody Knows, the album’s single, which synthesizes their 'Afro-psychedelic' universe in which minimal instrumentation, percussion, vocals and electric bass create a rare emotional intensity.