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Traditional Songs Of Comorian Women

Music of the world

Apart from the sound of opening archives, these songs are sung by Zaïnaba Ahmed, the "golden voice" of the Comoros, singer of variety who was able here to devote herself fully to the interpretation of a heritage more anchored in the tradition. Savant or popular, the music that women produce in Comoros clings to the lived experience. Praise to the Most High, complains dedicated to the memory of a disappeared sultan, hymn to life chanted during a birth, festive poems on the occasion of a wedding or an election ... In Comoros, country of muslim culture, women, through music, a form of expression in which the memory of this people is imprinted in all its splendor, enjoy a great freedom: they sing and compose and play, contributing to inscribe in the consciences the moments the more prominent in national and local history. Zaïnaba is accompanied by female choirs, percussion and, on a title, the guitar of Mikidache.