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Korea: Music Of The Land Of The Clear Morning

Music of the world

Known for their love of singing and dancing, the Koreans have managed to maintain both the universe of court music and their dynamic, joyful folk music. This bears witness to the diversity and richness of their musical culture. Court music (Jeongak), originally the privilege of nobility, usually follows a very slow rhythm. This slowness has to do with the idea of giving pride of place to breathing within the music. On the other hand, folk music (Minsokak) is built on quite varied and lively rhythms, allowing much space for improvisation. It expresses vital energy with a musical quality full of joy and excitement. Another important idea to understand Korean music is the traditional Yin and Yang philosophy. This double CD presents a rich panorama spanning the diversity of traditional Korean music. CD 1 features instrumental music and CD 2 vocal pieces. This project has benefited from the support of the Ministry of Culture in Korea and the Korean Cultural Centre in Paris.