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Paco el Lobo
 In love with flamenco from an early age, he would frequent fiestas and tablaos and get to know veteran singers.
Introduced to cante jondo by the masters Pepe el de la Matrona, Rafael Romero and Juan Varea, he also specialised in singing for dance, which gave him a great command of compas and palmas.
In parallel, he studied flamenco guitar, and took part in a number of ballet and flamenco companies, an essential part of his education.
Over the course of his career he has created several groups in which he brings together musicians and dancers. He has taken part in numerous flamenco dance, guitar and singing courses as both teacher and musician. As an invited guest, he has played with various groups, following flamenco traditions while exploring new directions.
Born in 1993, Samuel Rouesnel — ‘Samuelito’ — began classical guitar at the age of seven at the Conservatoire National in Caen. He developed an early passion for flamenco, which he taught himself. Since then, his career has taken him on a number of encounters, notably a duet with Antoine Boyer, with whom he recorded in 2016 and 2019.
After playing for several years under the stage name “Samuelito”, on 15 June 2023 he changed his name to “Sangitananda”: “In Sanskrit, Ananda means bliss and Sangita means music. So Sangitananda is the means of attaining divine bliss through music.”