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  • shadi-fathi-bijan-chemirani

    Shadi Fathi & Bijan Chemirani

    Âwât: two virtuosos, Shadi Fathi, setar, and Bijan Chemirani, percussions, inspired by the richness and diversity of Iranian music.
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  • meikhaneh


    Chants du dedans, chants du dehors: Meïkhâneh confirms its Persian, Mongolian and European influences, at the crossroads of an imaginary Folk and World Music.
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  • andalussyat


    Françoise Atlan & l’Orchestre Arabo-Andalou de Fès conducted by Mohammed Briouel.
    Re-release of a great recording of Arabo-Andalous music (first release : March 2003).
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  • nostalgique-bollywood

    Nostalgique Bollywood

    Memorable songs from films of love and devotion (1939–1959)
    A contraction of the Hindi Bombay (now Mumbai), the vibrant heart of the Indian film industry, and Californian Hollywood.
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  • compagnie-rassegna


    Confronting the 17th century repertoire with current sound techniques
    as well as with styles of interpretation derived from traditional music
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