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ANDALUSSYAT: Françoise Atlan & l'Orchestre Arabo-Andalou de Fès conducted by Mohammed Briouel

ANDALUSSYAT: Françoise Atlan & l'Orchestre Arabo-Andalou de Fès conducted by Mohammed Briouel

Published on 05-04-2022

1-a El rey de Francia
The king of France had three daughters
The first one washed, the second sewed
The youngest had a loom
As she was weaving, she was overcome by a dream
1-b Qod Niltou Hibbi
I have found my love again and glorified our meeting
I have united me being of myself
And from myself unto me, I have offered my cups
So that after my death you could till see me in this world
2-a Istekhbar
2-b Allahou
God knows that without you and my soul withers but I feel it with hope
A single glance, o my beloved, is softer than the whole earth
3a- Morena me llama
They call me dark one
But I was born white
It is the summer sun
That has made me like this
3b- Ya Malih
O gracious one, take pity on your lost one
O gracious one, make him your friend
O gracious one, prince among the fawns
O gracious prince, I cannot bear your desertin
O gracious one ; from what he has endured in your absence, he will recover
4-a Una matica de rula
A bunch of rue
A bunch of flowers
My daughter my dear
Tell me who gave it to you
A bunch of rue
A bunch of flowers
It was a boy who gave it to me
4-b La farraqa
May God make lovers never part
As long as leafy branches are turned into stones
As long as wine doesn’t flow from the drinker’s teeth
And as long as admiration for the server does not make the cup laugh
5-a Scalerika de oro
A small gold and ivory ladder
For the bride to climb and then get married
Let’s go and see them
Joy, success and happiness for them
The bride has no money
May fortune smile on her
5-b La qod jara
The love of the charming ones
Has turned away from me
Be then faithful to your promise
And keep your virtues
To whom will he complain
About the tyranny of love
With whom shall he seek refuge ?
6-a La Mujer de Terah
Terah’s wife was pregnant
She knew what she shad
One day she went to the fields and vines
She was in pain and wanted to give birth
Lord Abraham appeared
While he d-started invoking
Hundred-year-old lord Abraham
Now we find him a father at the age of ninety
6-b Soubhana
Praised the God
Who has given you all virtues
The moon has grown dim with envy of your splendour
As the night had done of your black hair
And the diamond pearls of your mouth
7-a Uskudara
On the way to Uskudar
It started raining
Katib’s jacket is long
And his trousers cuffs are muddy
The Katib wajes up
He has sleepy eyes
The Katib belongs to me and I belong to the Katib
7-b Anta el Falak
Star you are, essence of Star
Star among the Stars
The object of my predilection, the reason of my ruin
You are the radiant angel in draped dignity
8-a La galana
She came out of the water, the gracious woman
Wearing a dress of light
She came out of the sea
Between the sea and the river
A quince tree appeared
She came out of the sea
Between sea and sand
A cinnamon tree appeared
She came out of the sea
8-b Bouchra Lana
We are blessed, our dreams have com true
Separation is now excluded
Joy and peace be in our hearts
We are united again
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