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Music of the world

“Cam” (music), “Ky” (chess), “Thi” (poetry) and “Hoa” (painting) are the four skills attributed to the ideal woman in Vietnam. Gathering four women from four Asian countries, Camkitywa represents the artistic sensitivity of these great cultures that have been crossing paths and rubbing elbows for millenniums in the far reaches of the Orient, where countries have a flower for their emblem. The Vietnamese diva Huong Thanh interprets an original repertoire of traditional songs, accompanied by E’Joungju (Korea) on the geomungo zither, Fumie Hihara (Japan) on the koto zither and shamisen lute, and Yan Li (China) on the erhu spike fiddle. The Pearl of the Far East, the Land of the Rising Sun, the Empire of the Middle and the Land of the Morning Calm…