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Kabily-Touseg/Penn Ar Bled

Mugar was originally a Celtic – Berber stage show first performed in 1996, for the “Printemps Celte” Festival at Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris. It was conceived around/by three flautists, Nasredine Dalil, Youenn Le Berre and Michel Sikiotakis, who worked on making Celtic and Berber (their original cultures) music meet. Traditional repertoires and original compositions, borrowings and exchanges, encounters and fusions, all make for an atypical show which turns differences into a renewed source of creation, beautifully blending tradition and modernity. Success was immediate and what was to be a one-off show toured in France and abroad. Two Cds were released, in 1998 (‘Kabily-Touseg’) and in 2005 (‘Penn ar Pled’), which are now being reissued by Buda Musique in a 2 CD-pack.