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Faransiskiyo Somaliland

CD: Faransiskiyo Somaliland Sahra Halgan is an emblematic artist from Somaliland, a territory situated in the north of Somalia, de facto independant since 1991, following a terrible civil war. Her songs, in a pure un-artificial musical form, show the world of Somaliland people, their sufferings and joys. Sahra's engagement gave her the status of symbol of liberty among the Somaliland diaspora. She now lives in Hargeisa, the capital and spreads the message of recognition of her country, for stability and against violence. DVD: SAHRAN HALGAN RETURNS TO SOMALILAND, a film by Cris Ubermann Through this film, Cris Ubermann and Aymeric Krol come back on the different stages that marked Sahrah's life and travel across Somaliland, in search of the past and the present which reveal themselves in images and songs.