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A simple unplugged balafon-piano duo?

The piano is a chromatic instrument (octaves divided into 12 semitones); the balafon is diatonic (octaves divided into 7 notes). The piano is a percussion instrument with strings; the balafon is a percussion instrument with, beneath each wooden blade, a resonator in the form of a small gourd covered nowadays with a cigarette paper, in the past with a spider’s web, which acts as a vibrator. Although the two instruments share a large part of their range, their tone is sufficiently different as not to confuse one with the other: but sometimes they blend and give the impression of being a single instrument. 

Jean-Philippe has worked with Salif Keïta and Youssou N'Dour, among others. Lansiné shared with David Neerman the "The Griots of Space” co-project, published by No Format. From their encounter was born the album "Kangaba-Paris": refined beauty, mutual respect, poetry, virtuosity…