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Roudennoù / Traces

Release : 02.15.2019

This recording, “a tribute to Breton poetry”, marks forty-five years of a rich and intensive career of explorations, of encounters and of creativity. It started with what we commonly call “folk poetry", transmitted orally, worn and weathered by time, chewed on and breathed out by the lips of peasants, labourers, pilgrims and beggars. Then came the time when writers turned their attention to their own time, opening up the horizons of what is possible, lyrical, sarcastic — mystical, even. Not a nostalgic look, but look fulfilled in the memory of these much-loved faces and voices, of the rhythms and ideals carried by their words and their music.

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Poems & texts by :
  • Emile Masson
  • Xavier Grall,
  • Maria Louyer
  • Naig Rozmor
  • Anjela Duval
  • Per Jakez Hélias
  • Maodez Glanndour
  • Yann-Ber Kalloc'h
  • Armand Robin
  • Jakez Riou
  • Gilles Baudry
  • Jean Lavoué
  • Yann Sohie
  • Traditionnels