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An Dorn

This album is the result of our researches and meetings over the last four years, the extension of our reflection and our work. It is named "An Dorn" (the Hand) —a hand held out, extended toward to the other; opened and offered like a bouquet to the unknown person without whom nothing is possible and who alone helps us find the essential within ourselves.
The extension, adaptation, variation and metamorphosis of a melodic, rhythmic and poetic repertoire, along with known or anonymous authors who are the living witnesses of a way of thinking and of folk genius—such were the guidelines of our choices. We have woven and put hand in hand, without concession, myths, imagination, fantasy and the daily reality thoroughly investigated by the mind and life experience of those who have borne witness. A reality that can be cruel at times, but also humoristic, satirical or sarcastic, in the image of life and what we make of it. Yann-Fañch Kemener