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Mélodies de célébration japonaises

Japanese celebration melodies
While Japan might have an almost futuristic image to some in the west, it’s also a country steeped in tradition. There are hundreds of ceremonies, rituals and celebrations. Some of these celebrate a harvest and others the changing seasons. Each of the 47 Japanese prefectures host their own different festivals (matsuri), usually during the summer. Music and dance play an integral part of many festivals. Perhaps the biggest celebration of all is Shogatsu, the Japanese New Year. Unlike much of East Asia, Japanese do not celebrate the Lunar New Year, but since 1873, on January 1st
This album reimagines an instrumental version of the celebratory occasions from a previous era of several centuries ago. The main instrument the shamisen, a three stringed lute, accompanied by traditional flutes (shinobue and nohkan) and various Japanese traditional percussion instruments
Junnosuke Uehara: shamisen; Washu Yoneya: flutes; Kisaburo Umeya: percussions.