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Ögbelerim, Music for my Ancestors

Batsükh Dorj was born in 1990 in the town of Tsengel, the last village in western Mongolia, in the province of Bayan-Ölgii.
This remarkable musician is a master of the various overtone styles typical of the Tuvas: khöömii (hurried overtone singing), sygyt (whistled overtone singing), kargyraa (deep overtone singing), ezenggileer (lit. “stirrups”), and borbangnadyr (lit. “ rolling"). Rare and complete artist, because, luthier, he brings a major contribution to the tradition.
He sings to us about his nomadic culture through mountains and travels, notably imitating the rhythms of horses and the flow of water.
Batsükh Dorj : throat singing, igil fiddle, doshpuluur lute, shuur flute, khomus mouth harp, attinduyou  horse hooves, khai nose whistle.
Johanni Curtet: throat singing, guitar, doshpuluur lute, dan moi mouth harp.