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Rémy Couvez (hurdy-gurdy), Brice Duval (viola), Frédéric Dutheil (cello) Anita Pardo(double bass) Guénaël Duquesnoy (alto sax) Jean-Philippe Deprez (trombone), David Bruley (percussion) This new album is called Confluence because it marries instruments normally used in different musical styles: classical, jazz and traditional music. This is a new step on Remy Couvez’ musical path, after various experiences against the tide of what other hurdy-gurdy ensembles do. He has now chosen to return to acoustic ensemble with strings (hurdy-gurdy, viola, cello and double bass), wind instruments (sax and trombone) and oriental percussion. The pure, restrained sounds of Remy’s hurdy-gurdies are still here, as well as his paramount keyboard technique, his personal style (Irma, Brumabad), his virtuosity in slowing down the pace and his ability to domesticate the keyboard's highest notes. It is in the compositions that this album is innovative. Rather than creating an atmosphere around a melody, the universe of each piece is built on a dialogue between the various instruments. Couvez has adapted the art of the fugue in a contemporary fashion, drawing us into the harmony of his dissonances. He is equally at east on slow, nostalgic or meditative melodies and on more festive rhythmic flights. His talent applies both to trance-inducing repetitions and to pureness, such as may transport us to temples or high mountain peaks. He invites us to an inner voyage to the borders of time and space.