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Mir Geyen

Bruno Girard is, among other things, the violinist and singer in the ensemble Bratsch. The virtuoso pianist Denis Cuniot has devoted his talent to Klezmer music, which he has notably played in solo ("Confidentiel Klezmer"), and duets, with Nano Peylet (clarinet) and, more recently, Yom.« Reminiscences of German, romantic and family ties in Alsace, a deep feeling of belonging to Europe and a strong attraction to the culture, literature, poetry and history of Central and Eastern Europe, all these have driven me to Yiddish. This language came about amongst the Jewish communities established along the Rhine basin and then spread throughout Europe (…) To all those who often ask me “Why do you sing in Yiddish?” I answer that over and above French, Yiddish suits me better than English; that both melodies and lyrics are wonderful and that I simply want to share this part of our European heritage. To fulfill this project, I have called on the pianist Denis Cuniot, who plays his own, wonderful, and unconventional rendition of Jewish music, as can be heard on his solo album “Confidential Klezmer”. Denis is not an accompanist, he is rather the kind of musician who envelops and embraces. He looks out for each vocal phrase and dresses it up, weaving a carpet and a sky above it, as well as windows which he opens wide; one phrase has hardly disappeared that Denis is already welcoming the next one. The notion of accompanying should therefore remain where it belongs, with tourist trips – this musical journey is all but that. » Bruno Girard