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La Trinidad

Fabienne Magnant goes on her way, fashioning a work of art – her work of art – album after album. In the meanders of her influences – Brazilian, Spanish, classical – one repeatedly uncovers her taste for nice melodies, her very sure tempo, her technical strictness, her creativity, her sense of composition and the quality of her sound, both round and precise.All this contributes to create a world which is only her own, ploughing its furrow with a strong, determined musical achievement, shedding personal light on her interpretations and colouring a thousand subtle shades on her notes. With very feminine sensitivity, Fabienne Magnant takes us along the by-roads of an imaginary world governed by music, with the guitar for a queen and the viola caïpira for a princess. Her music is to be savoured as one would a fine wine – peacefully, comfortably seated in a silent room, and fully relishing the moment. Listening once, then getting back to it. Then once again. Letting oneself be carried away by the whirlwind of notes. Closing one’s eyes. Drinking the melodies and listening to their mouth-watering flavours. Assuredly, this new opus is truly a vintage album.