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Wood Song

In continuity with CONFLUENCE, his preceding album, Remy Couvez is pursuing his quest for beauty. Whether in slow or fast pieces, he has honed his work on the melody strings, polishing the vibration of each note and the way it appears and gives way to the next one, as well as the manner in which one can play with sound continuity and modulation. The research of Remy-the-instrumentalist particularly springs into focus when the hurdy-gurdy is combined with string, wind and percussion instruments. They perform works where Remy-the-composer has achieved the subtle alchemy of his classical roots and his Eastern-inclined inspiration, and each instrument has a unique, always renewed part.  WOOD SONG has been designed as a development: the plein jeu* hurdy-gurdy of ‘Turbulence’ gives way to rhythmic (‘Seven’) and repetitive (‘The Pleasure of Soaring) pieces, and reaches total simplicity and serenity in ‘Ecce Lux’. Then, via personal playing modes (‘Merak’), the plein jeu hurdy-gurdy of ‘White Attraction’ goes back to the starting point, and the wheel has turned a full circle.