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Carta A Mi Amada

Over the course of the 20th Century the Argentine Tango, along with jazz from the United States, Bossa Nova from Brazil and Salsa from the Caribbean, became one of the most important musical forms.The fruit of intermingling between Europe, Africa and the indigenous peoples of the American continent, these musical styles have influenced several generations of composers all over the planet and continue to evolve according to the imagination and the diverse influences of the creators.This is the perspective that brought together this line-up of five musicians from various backgrounds, united by a shared love of Tango. ENCUENTRO TANGO QUINTET is a group that is rich in sensitivity, colour and movement, a coherent unity introducing new harmonies, with one unifying passion: the Tango. Their name, “Encuentro” (“Encounter”), bears witness to this richness and all the possibilities of shared understanding. Their music does not leave us indifferent: the words “passion”, “nostalgia”, “travel”, “artistry”, take shape through their instruments and their strong stage presence. Both the original music of Angelo Petronio and the covers of the great classics are imprinted with lightness, inviting us to break free and dance. It is this original creative work that gives a very personal note to their music.