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« We thought of a title " Echos of the Armenian mountains", " Stories of our past", " Silent stones", "Silence" , " The Holy mountains". The duduk is the symphony of the human spirit, it gives voice to the lament of our bitter past in one instance, the song of our present life in another and to the hymn of our faith and strength. This album was recorded in Geghard, a medieval monastery in Armenia. Being partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its portions and acoustics are quite amazing and through our duduk quartet this place tells its story from past to our present day. This music is deeply luminous, powerful and the listeners can visualise the pain, hope and the life of Armenian people so used to being split up over the centuries and being a meeting point between East and West. With closed eyes, listen and clean your mind and soul » (Jivan Gasparyan)