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Colombia: The Kings of the Son Palenquero

Music of the world

Palenque de San Basilio is a Colombian village founded by fugitive slaves. As he could not chase them off, the king of Spain granted them their independence in 1713. Since the 1920s, the musicians of this village have blended the Cuban 'son' and Colombian folk melodies (cumbia, bellerengue and chalupa). The Sexteto Tabala was created in the thirties, following the Sexteto Habanero de Palenque, itself much influenced by Cuban songs. Tabala is a true legend of Afro-Colombian peasant music. Work or funeral songs, songs about enchanteresses, sensual melodies, insistant beat: music lovers around the world, open your ears wide, the Sexteto Tabala presents you with their second musical production and their original African sound.