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Tant Deman

Lo Cor de la Plana is a male vocal ensemble from the district of La Plaine in Marseille, featuring six punchy singers who accompany their song with bendir drums, tambourines, foot stomping and hand clapping. Founded in 2001, the band has devoted itself to the re-creation of the Occitan heritage. With unequalled fervour, they sing all repertoires from the most religious to the most unbridled and from the most recurrent to the most sporadic. Close to Massilia Sound System and Fabulous Troubadours, they definitely put an end to 'traditional' singing and shake up vocal music and polyphony, thus reaching new audiences. Their influences range from dub and hip-hop to Provence wedding songs and Italian pizzicata, not to mention the hypnotic rhythms of Maghreb. Their knockout acoustic performances measure up to those of heavily-electrified bands. This album and its 'chants à danser' (songs to dance to) express the intoxicating frenzy of modern urban life.