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Panpipe from Romania

Simion Stanciu Syrinx is an undisputed master of the pan flute. He started music at an early age with the piano and violin, discovering panpipes at 14. His exceptional virtuosity has enabled him to surpass the instrument’s natural limits and to perform classical music. It should be reminded that the pan flute was played in the Rumanian countryside at the time of Mozart, who included one in his opera “The Magic Flute”. Traditional Romanian music is very varied with many rich rhythms, harmonies and colourful melodies in every region. Syrinx mainly draws his inspiration from “doïnas”, which are like a kind of very nostalgic Romanian blues. He has recreated a music style that totally submerges and enchants you. As is generally not the case with traditional doïnas, two remarkable musicians are featured as soloists: Miu on the cymbalum and Nicolae Samu on violin. They are joined by the ensemble “Gypsy Nostalgia”.