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Si Je Savais Voler

A meeting between two traditional song universes, that of Brittany and that of Provence. Two representatives of the “deep song”, both able to perform their monodies in solo: Yann-Fañch Kemener, emblematic of the Breton tradition and renovation, and Renat Sette, with a similar status in Giono’s country. Two characters with extended collecting work in their names, as well as an intimate knowledge of the forms of their songs. Beyond languages, there are similarities of inspiration in their repertoires. Laurent Audemard ensures the arrangement. This composer has contributed his extensive background of creating from traditional music substrata – an experience notably at work in the pan-Mediterranean band Une Anche Passe (for the last two decades, this group has enhanced repertoires of Occitan, Catalan, Italian, Spanish, Balkanic and Maghreb essence). In this work as a ‘music tailor’, he has called in his friend and co-member of Une Anche Passe, the saxophonist François Fava. A physical performance with voices and reeds, stone hammered-on and feet stomping the ground. A dramaturgy all in contrasts, displaying the up- and down-strokes of two worlds, one Atlantic flavoured, one Mediterranean scented. A show whose sensuality is dispensed by two singers – the Breton Yann-Fañch Kemener and the Provençal Renat Sette – and two instrumentalists, both from Languedoc, Laurent Audemard (clarinets, Languedoc oboe) and François Fava (saxophones). A sound object born after slow gestation – an alchemy of corpuses, languages and modes, a hybridization of diverse legacies.