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Accompanied by the “Orchestre Arabo-Andalou de Fès” directed by Mohammed Briouel, Françoise Atlan expresses the spirit of an Andalusia that has remained alive: that which was once the centre of the Mediterranean cultural ferment, with Jews, Christians and Muslims living together in exemplary tolerance. Jewish-Spanish ballads, Moroccan nubas, melodies from the diaspora gathered in Smyrna, Turkish folk songs, all remind us of that time of “convivencia” when the music and musicians of this land, having no concern for ethnic or religious implications, drew unhesitatingly from the musical heritage of their close or distant neighbours. Françoise Atlan has released 3 albums of Sephardic romances, which have been appraised by critics and audiences alike. Her knowledge of the Andalous world has allowed her to acquire complete expressiveness, synthesising great vocal technique and Mediterranean sensitivity. Mohammed Briouel is a disciple of Hadj Abdelkrim Rais, whom he has replaced at the head of the “Orchestre Arabo-Andalou de Fès”, which is famous throughout the world. He has studied classical violin as well as music theory, and he has achieved a monumental transcription of eleven nubas in western notation. The instruments of the Fès Andalous orchestra are the rbâb—a two-string fiddle cut from a single piece of wood, the violin, the alto, the târ—a small frame drum with small cymbals fastened to it, and the darbuka.